Travis + Beautrice // Wedding Cinematic Video

Travis + Beautrice // Wedding Cinematic Video

Witnessing this two people get married brought such joy to our heart. We know their story and to see them finally be united as one, It was like watching a couple of friends get married.

Travis is the kindest, cutest, sweetest, most caring boyfriend and become husband in the whole world. He even with his lame and most annoying jokes. We know we can always turn in to fat shoulders every time we need to shed a tear or two.

We especially love the look in Travis eyes as he set gaze on his beautiful bride. It is filled with awe and adoration, as if he is never looked at anyone as lovely as she in his life. That kind of look is worth exploring. Their story must be told. To Travis and Beautrice, here is to your happy ever after and to spending the rest of your lives making each other deliriously happy.

Here is the same day edit video of Travis + Beautrice on their actual day.


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