Lee Wen + See Yuen

We got to know about Aplind Yew Productions from our friend. Upon engaging with Aplind, he is very patient and attentive to our needs. We had an initial conference call few months before the wedding day for Aplind to understand what kind of services that is best suited to our requirements and needs. Initially we had been eyeing for a package with 1 photographer and 1 videographer as it seemed value for money. However, as we have gate crashing, ROM + vow ceremony and dinner reception, Aplind had advised us to take up 2 photgraphers and 2 cinematographers instead so that the crew may capture the best moments from both the Groom and Bride’s sides (from preparation all the way up to the moment of truth). We heeded his advise and did not regret our decision even for a moment (2 Photographers + 2 Cinematographers).

A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we finally understood that having 2 photographers and 2 cinematographers is the best thing a couple can do to capture and preserve this important moment as memory for eternity. Aplind and his crew worked tirelessly and did not miss a single beat to capture all the important key moments/memories.

Our ROM + vow ceremony had a slight misfortune and was graced with a light rain shower. However, this did not deter Aplind and his team from enduring the humid weather all for the sake of capturing the best moments of our important day. Throughout our journey with Aplind, he and his crew had also guided us on how to pose and what to do so that the photos and videos turned out the best it can be. My husband and I have made the decision to put our trust in Aplindyew Productions and his team.

All we can say that it is worth way beyond the amount we paid in engaging Aplind Yew Production’s services!

12/10!! Would recommend to anyone who wish to preserve their important moments for posterity and the rest of their lives.

Eng Eu + Yee Han

Thank you to Aplind Yew Production team for the amazing work that they have put through. We’ve been searching for many months for a group of photographer and videographer that could capture and idealise our dream wedding. Finally after countless vetting through multiple creative teams, Aplindyewproduction came through as a part of the recommendation from one of our friends. We spoke to them, and looked at their portfolio and immediately we were sold by their enthusiastic and artistic visions on what they could provide to us on our special day.

Here comes D-Day, we are really proud and happy and most importantly they were really professional in delivering their best to us. Their video production that they did for us not only brought us tears, but the entire ballroom was filled with sniffles and tears of joy.

Thank you once again for making our dreams come true! ❤️❤️

Jia Jun + Yen Wern

We never regret to picked Aplind Yew Studio to captured our special day beautifully. Very friendly and helpful during our actual day. It also meant a lot to us that you finished our video so efficiently. Thank you for all the hard work y’all put into our video. Every shot is amazing and done perfectly! We truly appreciate it and satisfied that we will always have it to watch.

Keith + Bobo

So glad to have the team on my wedding actual day! The photos and video outcome was amazing! Definitely captured the best moments throughout the day!

Ben + Civic

Engaging Aplind Yew Production as our ROM and actual day photographers + videographers is definitely the best choice my husband and I have ever made! We actually searched and compared between a few other production companies before deciding to go with AplindYew, the main reason because we really love the feeling captured behind each of their photos as well as videos! Then, when we met Ah Seng for the first time, the deal was sealed!

Not only was Ah Seng friendly and amicable, but he also went the extra mile to explain to us the differences between having one photographer + videographer vs having two of each. His professionalism in answering all our questions patiently as well as his awesome suggestions at the places for our photoshoot / videoshoot made us feel like we are having a photography session with our close friend! He is also amazing at giving us ideas for poses so that we have even more amazing photos to look at, post production. Indeed, he gives off the vibes of being your real friend so that there is no awkwardness between the couple and the team.

Even our family members and friends complimented the whole team on our actual day. So, if you want to enjoy your big day without having to worry about how the photos or videos will turn out at the end of the day, look no further. Choose AplindYew Production, because they are really far above the rest! Dare I say : they are THE BEST in the industry! 💕

Sin Yong + Wan Yi

My wife and I were very glad to have Aplind and the team for our wedding last Saturday. The crew is funny and friendly, and that positive vibe definitely makes us a little more relaxed on our big day. We’re the first child to get married among our brothers and sisters, so we are rather inexperienced in terms of planning and scheduling. Their suggestions and advice are extremely helpful when we are planning for our wedding and estimating the time and duration for each phase/event for the wedding. They are also very responsive to any questions we have, and we had sufficient meetings and communication to ensure that they understand the flow of the wedding. On top of that, they’re also great in guiding us with the photo poses etc, and they even went the extra mile of taking photos using our guests’ phones. We hired them for both their photography and videography service, and I’d definitely HIGHLY recommend them to our friends and family in the future!

Don + Eileen

If you are worried about your photographer might make u feel uncomfortable or unapproachable, fret not. Aplind & his team made sure that I’m comfortable & being myself the entire ceremony.

His team are the friendliest people I know and they kept it so professional in a way they never miss out any beautiful moment captured for us to remember always.

For people who are looking to get their photographs or video events taken, if you happened to read this comment. I would highly suggest you to approach Aplind for a meet up to know what I meant. He’s the best.

My wedding video is so awesomely made. ❤

Steve + Joey

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being you! From the first conversation I knew that it is going to be fun working with you. You captured every emotion so THANK YOU.

We are so privileged to have had you capture our day and we’re so blessed to have been introduced and worked with to the most amazing team of people!!! I will remember you all forever as you all made our day the best day of our lives!

Keep in touch.

Hacky + Melanie

From the moment we saw their work in one of our friend wedding, we were sold and immediately ask for contacts. Aplind met with me and my wife for a no-obligation consultation.

During this time he would told us about himself and his work, his passion and asked us what we were looking for. He listened to us, our vision, the description of the whole photography and videography on that special day. This meeting was pretty much the icing on the cake, we knew we wanted Aplind to be our man.

We booked him immediately. Scheduling our save the date shoot, on that day shoot and all details leading up to the wedding were so easy with Aplind. He kept in constant communication throughout the entire process whatsapp. Details are really important to Aplind and he always sent me written communication after we spoke on the phone to go over what we talked about.

About a week leading up to the wedding, we constantly WhatsApp so that everything will be in order on our wedding day, we had fun discusing the schedule of events and all other details.

Our wedding day came and it was HOT and SUNNY. Our venue was outside some of the time without even the slightest breeze. Aplind nor his team ever faltered. We had a large group of Heng Dais and Jiu Muis, a lot of family, and some special shots and he got them all.

Wow this turned into a long review! But I want you all to know that Aplind Production is the best choice for wedding, engagement, family or anything you are wanting photographed. His team are all professionals, caring and shows his true passion through his work. You will NOT be disappointed when you choose him!

Jia Jin + Fennie

From the first day we met Sheng, it felt like he is our long lost friend that MIA for a long time. I still remember we talk about a lot of things which not only on the wedding video and photo services itself.

We also manage to get his fiancé, Janice as our make up artist. See both of them from couple to engage to each other, really something that so special to us. Able to communicate with us so well that all minor issues able to be overcome easily.

Hope that Sheng and Janice able to keep up thier passion and influence others to enjoy and have fun in thier wedding. Me and my wife will be always feel happy to know both of them and wish them all the best in the future.

Kenneth + Winnie (Groom)

Definitely one of the best photographer to work with! If you are looking for crazy ideas, Aplind would be your best option.

We have worked together initially on ROM then shooting for our per wedding, save the date, tea ceremony and SDE. It was all very lovely and memorable experience.

We even booked on a last minute pre wedding photography at Bali and the outcome was beyond our expectation. A journey filled with tons of surprises and that’s the first moment where I could catch my finance beauty (with the perfect make up also).

Aplind is very patient, kind and cheerful; Edward is a perfectionist on his shooting skill. You will need not to worry about your posing, your expression, your double chin, your oversized body shape, Aplind and his team would take care on that.

It’s been months since our wedding shooting but whenever we replay our videos and photos, we could recall those joy and laughter, fun filled and excitement, romance and tears, the most perfect combination of every details, moments and musics, it gives us the feels.

My wife and I could not stop repeating to watch on our videos even till now. Nothing would be more perfect than capturing the most important journey of our lives. Aplind is the best team that we have worked so far, and looking forward to more videos to come. Kudoz to the team and Thank you so much!

Kenneth + Winnie (Bride)

人生中最美好的摄影回忆就是Aplind 和他的团队为我们婚礼所拍的一系列婚纱照!
就算结婚了几个月,看回Aplind 为我们制作的save the date, bali prewed shoot, tea ceremony 和 wedding dinner 的video都有一种幸福感!


在engage Aplind 之前我们也在西班牙,法国还有几个地方拍了婚纱照,但是到目前为止最满意的还是aplind 拍的



Fredrick + Joanne

It was a good thing that we spotted their work while we were searching for the right videographer to collaborate with… Our requirement was simple – we do not want a usual wedding video

When we met up with Sheng to create our pre-wedding video, we had so much fun and knew that he was really good at what he do and very easy to work with. From then on, we know we have one less thing to worry about as we have found the right one!

Our ROM was beautifully captured that it still gives us so much fond memories (and tears) even after watching them repeatedly again 4 months later. Even our guests were complimenting on the video and pictures that were played during our wedding luncheon.

We would like to thank Sheng and his team i.e. Edward, Ken, Emest and Yean Ee for their easy-going attitude and the wonderful job that they did in capturing our ROM and wedding luncheon

One thing is for sure we have made one of our best decision choosing Aplind Yew Production to capture our special day.

Burger + Ashley

谢谢Aplind 团队为我们留下了这么美丽的时刻!拍摄过程中合作得非常愉快,团队也非常专业!从拍摄到拿成品都是很满意的!Aplind 很注重新人的需求和想法 出来的作品也是非常有个性化和创意!谢谢Aplind 当天抓拍了我好多好看的角度 我觉得自己真的是女王 我的伴郎伴娘团们都觉得自己像个明星, 这就是Aplind 团队的专业实力所在!

Denji + Sabrini

We would like to thank Sheng and his team for a wonderful job well done! They catered to our request on such a short notice, yet managed to perform beyond our expectations.

It has been a week since our intimate church ceremony, yet when we replay the video, it still gives us the feels. (p/s; we don’t know for sure if its a good idea to keep watching the video because someone will definitely end up in tears!) It was indeed fun to work with such a team as there was mostly laughter throughout our short session together.

We sincerely thank you guys for helping us compile our precious memories on such an important day of our lives. Lots of love, from #tansoflove Denji & Sabrini.

CH Lee + Amelia Au

Found Aplind through a friend’s wedding and it has been a pleasure ever since! Aplind is always attentive to our needs and he listens to our suggestions. He’s not just creative in his video-making but has a good photography skill too. We engaged Aplind’s photography service during our ROM at Thean Hou temple and the photos turned out beyond expectations!

With his sense of humor, it was definitely a joy working with him. He guided us step-by-step on how to pose naturally which was exactly what we needed as we are no models ourselves. Before the actual shoot, Aplind would also suggest occasional meetups to discuss and manage expectations from our end. All in all, our wedding video is just beautiful

To me, finding a wedding photographer/videographer is easy as there’re lots of choices out there. But to find one who truly understands and listens to our needs plus providing professional feedback, now that is priceless.

Chee Yong + Stephanie

A big thank you to the team – Victor, Chia Hao, Erin and Tan for the wonderful photos and videos!

The SDE video slide was amazing! Our guests and we were all impressed with the great quality video outcome in such a short period of time!

Not to forget, thanks Aplind for the Save the date video clip! It was a fun shooting session!

Great job, team!🤩🤩

Aaron + Cheryl

Thanks so much guys for being there.

Thanks for documenting our special day so beautifully!

Adrian + Shereen

非常专业的摄影团队 非常有耐心 照片给的也很快 非常推荐这家 大家都很满意拍出来的照片 感恩❤️

Khee Wern + Shuk Wern

A big thank you to Seng and Ken for their professional and friendly services.

Despite the difficulties we faced during the current pandemic, we managed to complete our ROM photoshoot beyond our expectations.

They made us felt comfortable throughout the entire photoshoot session despite the hot weather and their heavy bags to carry around! Highly recommended! 😊

Chee Chung + Lai Wan

Aplind Yew and teams are very professional and good. The whole video(set up video and actual video) we are very satisfied with the quality and the outcome….

For us we are glad that we hired them as our cinematography and we highly recommended to our friend….if we can rate we will give a full star to them…

Travis + Beautrice

Love the video and beauty shots from our actual day, of course the editing is insane!

They pay attention to every details and precisely what we wanted to be captured on our wedding, made a heart warming video that to our friends and family very happy.

Definitely worth recommending with no regrets, I am really happy that we employed their services.

陈小毛 + 許晉嘉




Jiunn + Jeannie

Having Aplind Yew Production team for my wedding is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Very professional, responsive, creative, and fun team!



Mervyn + Priscillia

This is the best production company after I compare few. The effect and angle is perfect. You will never go wrong. Highly recommended

Suiz + Christy

Thank you Aplind, Ken & Yap for provide excellent photography & videography service for our wedding. My husband & I love the result so much although we & our bridesmaid & groomsman had became model for quite long hours but we enjoy it cause during the process we have fun! Keep it up the professional service dudes!

Yew Yang Yik + Lo Ai Xuan

Amazing crew! we maybe from same downline of ancestors i guess?

Kelvin + Pauline



Raymond + Michelle

Definitely a YES for me because the team were so fun to be with and easy to work with as well.. They delivered what i wanted and they are professional in what they do. Love them and really appreciate for their hard work and enthusiasm plus they arranged everything perfectly on my wedding day. I vouch you can trust their work and their sense of creativity.

Thank you Aplind and Team, you all have done great and Raymond and I would like to thank you once again for everything. Love all the videos and songs put together. Keep up the good work!

Dante + Shin

Very good service and friendly, their team was so professional especially aplind, im glad i found them and taking such a great video and picture for us

Louis + Vivian

We have very good experience with Aplind & Emest.. they are professional and able capture all the precious moments without giving us tension.

We felt so surprise when we 1st seeing the actual day video..it was so nice!! Most of my friends and family like my video so much and asking who are them.. once again, thank you very much

Jit Khai + Yan

I would like to thank Aplind and his team, Edward, Kent & Yan Yi for their professionalism shown last Sunday during my Wedding Ceremony. Given our super tight schedule, it was definitely mission impossible but the team pulls it through, despite the hectic schedule the event was perfectly captured.

Me and my wife was touched seeing our video being played on the big screen and was shocked by the high-quality SDE video produced.

I definitely didn’t regret engaging Aplind Yew Production for my Wedding Ceremony, and I highly recommend all of you to engage them as well! Well done & Thank you.

Victor + Laura

Aplind and team were all very professional and accommodating.

We had good laughs throughout the whole day and during filming.

What i like is that they work very quick and only require a few shots, but voila! the video turns out amazing!

Thanks guys for documenting our memories perfectly!

Adriel + Sharonne

Aplind yew & team generally did a great job in not making/ creating stress and tension for the bride & groom on their wedding day which was really a plus plus plus point.

They would just maneuver their way around. I don’t even know those amazing shots/scenes were taken until I saw the photos/video. Saya kasi 100 likes !

Khai Sheng + Maggie


Good Job. Please see the video “Khai Sheng & Maggie”, you will know what is perfect works.

Ah Bit + Onion




Billie + Shannon

Millions of thanks to Aplind and his team for recording one of our life’s most precious moments – Aplind Yew Production

Special thanks to Sheng for the wonderful photoshoot for our reception night at seremban. 他问我你接受到拍到你很夸张嘛,在心想应该很多惨不忍睹的吧……结果,我还是把它post出来了……谢谢你当晚为我们拍摄那么美好的回忆……

Satis + Suzanna

Thank you so much for capturing our ROM. Satish can’t stop praising you. Even my sister was saying why didn’t you take Sheng for the wedding. It was our blessing to have found a wonderful photographer. Not only you are friendly but pleasure to work with. God bless you and your job. Not everyone gets to capture the smile of people.

Thank you and wishing you good luck and prosperity throughout your life 🌷

Kelvin + Alicia

Thanks for the nice photo and the hard work.. really appreciate your professionalism and I believe my decision to choose you as my photographer is a right choice 🙂

Photos and video so nice! I like all of them.. Really glad to have you as my photographer to capture my memorable moments.. Thanks again!

Elijah + Kartene

I’ve finally had time to see all the pics and the video. I think you guys have done such a great job! Thank you so so much!! I’m really happy with what you guys have done!