S.C.WEE + Lay Khun // Wedding Cinematic Video

S.C.WEE + Lay Khun // Wedding Cinematic Video

SC Wee is full of surprises, thats how he keeps the sparks alive in their relationship. He found the courage to express his feelings to Lay Khun during a long drive they took. The shy girl was at loss for words and found it hard to be eloquent at such an emotion charging moment. He also proposed to her when she least expected it. It was at a dinner she was having with her friends to celebrate her birthday.

We think that even if people don’t dance along with the couple but sing for each other, its still special. It’s like they are allowing the couple to share an intimate moment among themselves in the midst of the celebration, as husband and wife. Well done SC Wee, your singing really touched us!

SC Wee and Lay Khun, we wish you a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for having us at your beautiful celebration!

Cinematographer: Aplind Yew Production // Ken, Seng
Makeup Artist: Verna Makeup
Violin: Daniel de Violinist

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