Steve + Joey // Wedding Cinematic Video

There is one thing we always love about traditional weddings, it’s the tribute to the parents. It is beautiful and deep meaning too.

As marriage is considered to be the eminent sign of adulthood and the couples would then be flying out of their nests, this particular event as a part of the whole wedding ceremony expresses the gratitude of the bride and groom to the people who have brought them into this world and raised them long enough until they are ready.

It was so emotional because it felt like closing a chapter from your 25-26 years of life and braving yourself to open a new one filled with new uncertainties and new hopes. That’s what makes it even more emotional.

We love how emotional this wedding was, and how everyone never held back on expressing their feelings. It’s these kinds of expressions and emotions that will form stories to be told for a really long time.

Congratulations Steve and Joey. You really are going to have a lot of fun! Enjoy your marriage!

Let us share with you the video of Steve and Joey wedding so that you’ll know what we talking about.

Photographers & Cinematographers: Aplind Yew Production – Wedding Cinematography & Photography // Wilson . ThengWei . Seng . Jason
Hotel: Hatten Place Melaka
Buffet: Alto Sky Lounge
Dinner: Grand Nexus Ballroom

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