Mierz + Sammy // Wedding Cinematic Video

Mierz + Sammy // Wedding Cinematic Video

Last weekend my youngest brother Mierz aka Ken will soon wed the love of his life, Sammy. I’m so looking forward to our fun filled weekend wedding getaway. By the way I will not be packing my camera for their wedding(groom side). Their wedding memories will be in the good hands of Kris. I don’t think I’ll be needing to bring anything more but ANGPAO! I kept thinking of words to say to him. I know we brothers don’t have many words for each other. Even when I’m given time to type, the words still elude me. If there is one thing I know, we will always take care of each other. That’s the unspoken promise between us.

MieRz and Sammy are met each other from his best friends Tinny. Unlike some people who meet spontaneously, fall in love within seconds and marries on a whim, Mierz and Sammy love grew over time. They’ve seen each other through the different and not-always-so-pleasant phases of life and have watched each other blossom into the person they are today. We generally love spontaneity, exciting spur-of-the-moment things and unprompted turn of events.

Actually, a love that is grown over time is one that will last. It s been tried and it survived. It has seen many aspects of a person and has been given the chance to grow in acceptance. It is the kind that will last because it has been given the chance to get to know each other, to work through the differences before finally agreeing to accept the whole package. Stronger people don t always make the strongest marriage. But people who work hard to grow their love and cleave onto each other do.

Congratulations again Mierz and Sammy. Have lots of fun on your journey together, you both deserve it!



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