Khai + Yan // Wedding Actual Day Video

Khai + Yan // Wedding Actual Day Video

We went crazy with Khai + Yan planning because we wanted start shooting on 2am midnight, depart from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, and back Kuala Lumpur before 11am, the most important part we need to rush the Same Edit Video during luncheon. Oh Yes, We did it! We are so thankful for all crew and couple support and guidance through our ups and downs. We hope that message came through during wedding weekend and we look forward to future adventures with you all! We appreciate all efforts made to be there with us, especially groomsmen and bridesmaids hard work.

Jit Khai + Sam, they’re the ultimate couple. where this video was shot we might think, oh it’s just a party, but no… it was not just a party. It was one awesome party, we truly enjoy it.

Here is the trailer as promised. Congratulations again to the happy couple.


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