Han + Myung Yeon // Wedding Cinematic Video

Han + Myung Yeon // Wedding Cinematic Video

We could understand the obsession girls have over Korean dramas. Especially girls, think it’s romantic. Until we meet Han and Myung Yeon.

They are very real couple, every-time we look at them and we think of Korean dramas. Although you may confuse why they are talking in Japanese to each other, and speaking Chinese with us, it’s because Myung Yeon living in China a decade, and they met each other in Japan. this is how they met each other is like scenes from Korean drama.

They’re really sweet and caring and heartwarming. If you ever find yourself wishing for a love story like the ones you see in Korean dramas, get yourself away from your television and step out into the world, and start writing your own story! We believe that you will find that your love story in reality will be even better than any romance like Han and Myung Yeon.

Hearing their love story reminds us to not give up on the people we love. Not only worth it, it will be beautiful.

Once again, congratulations to Han + Myung Yeon. It’s our honor to capture your love story.


Photographer: Anson’s Photography
Cinematographer: Aplind Yew Production
Make Up Artist: Rynee Tan Make up
Bouquet: Spring Cottage
Decoration: Gary Red Lantern
Emcee: Kenn

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