Han Loong + May Yan // Wedding Photo Slide Show

Han Loong + May Yan // Wedding Photo Slide Show

A wedding day is one of those days that should be taken slow and easy and filled with joy in letting the day take us with its flow. Slow enough to give us time to capture in all the love, because the day will be gone before we even know it.

We liked the slower pace of Han Loong and Yan cinematic trailer. We absolutely loved taking the time to focus on their gaze and their smiles and getting a glimpse of what love is.  Rushing through days are natural to us. Stopping for a moment to appreciate how things make us feel may take a little bit of effort but it is absolutely worth it.

To our dear friend Han Loong & May Yan , thanks for having us to be part of your beautiful day. You both make the video look even more gorgeous. Congratulations again!

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