Eu Harn + Huiru // Wedding Actual Day Video

Eu Harn + Huiru // Wedding Actual Day Video

Eu Harn and Huiru, they’re the ultimate couple. they captured their own pre-wedding in Austria, once of our favorite places in Central Europe. You might think, oh it’s just a photograph, but not! it was not just a photograph. It was one awesome journey. We just have to open eyes and ears to listen their love story and capture what we saw.

We can’t believe what we see unconditional love in Eu Harn and Huiru wedding. Yes, We love the girl who bond in this family. Not only are the daughters, they are the best of friends, Huiru mother is also a part of that friendship. The bond between this mother and her two daughters and sweet and pure, and I simply couldn’t stop from capturing the moments they share. Their relationship is so inspiring, it makes us question the popular belief that mothers and daughters will never see eye-to-eye. Today, they are engaged, go for a weekend getaway together, take trips around the world together they do most everything together. Now isn’t that a beautiful thing to witness?

Thanks for having us guys and we wish you a blessed journey ahead!


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