Edward + Soh Teng // Wedding Cinematic Video

Edward + Soh Teng // Wedding Cinematic Video

We had a fantastic time shooting on Bali Beach for 3 days and 2 nights. BHuge thanks to the happy couple who shared their story, who showed their romantic sides at every turn and for being so completely natural in front of the camera. It is easier said than done and we truly appreciate that.

A wedding day is one of those days that should be taken slow. Slow and easy and filled with joy in letting the day take us with its flow. Slow enough to give us time to soak in all the love there is to find and the savor the moments and to create snapshots of the day to revisit on any given time, because the day will be gone before we even know it.

We really enjoyed Edward + Soh Teng special day. We hope you do too.

Congratulations again to the happy couple. We’ll raise our glass again to your happily ever after!


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