Don + Eileen // Garden Wedding Cinematic Video

Don + Eileen // Garden Wedding Cinematic Video

People might think that weddings are the biggest celebration of love. Yes, it’s true. But, do not forget that in order to celebrate the journey of love you don’t need just one big celebration because you can even start with small things and make it meaningful as possible. To keep the sparks alive, to keep the butterflies fluttering in your bellies, you also have to celebrate the little things.

For example, people say that: When you meet the right one, you have a long-lasting marriage.  But that’s not necessarily true though, because in reality, marriage is a lot of work. Don’t need actually the right one for you is whoever you choose. Even when you know for sure that this person is the one that God himself had picked out for you, if you don’t fight for your relationship, it will end up to divorce or break-ups too. Be careful who you listen to. They might not be entirely right.

Don and Eileen wedding ceremony was so emotional. Every little step they took created a whirlwind of emotions around their wedding and at one point, yes we couldn’t help ourself from tearing up. The procession of their union was so meaningful that made the celebration feel even more festive.

Congratulations to Don and Eileen. May you spend forever looking at each other with admiration for each others beauty.


Photographer & Cinematographer: Aplind Yew Production / Seng . Ken . Emily . Nic
Makeup Artist: Janice Yong
Wedding Planner: Dreamz Moment

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