Denji + Sabrini // ROM Wedding Cinematic Video

Denji + Sabrini // ROM Wedding Cinematic Video

Do you know how much effort is put into creating a laid-back, relaxing ROM wedding? We don’t think that the effortless atmosphere just magically appear.

We believe that the ROM wedding must have put in a lot of thoughts and careful planning into making such a beautiful, relaxing environment for the guests to unwind in the midst of the celebration, to make the process worth their whiles. The bridal party sets the itinerary, make the necessary arrangements, sets the stage they basically do their parts to make sure that everyone who joins in their big day is comfortable, relaxed, and happy. Like yeah-were-on-vacation happy. The guests don’t have to do much in response to all these efforts. They just need to be happy!

We loved how in the middle of Denji Tan Yi Zhong and Sabrini preparation for the biggest day of her life, we loved that Sabrini is comfortable to be among them, yes she looked as if she enjoyed the whole day, especially loved to see just what a wonderful and funny family they are going to be, and how their love was able to create a lovely home for this little girl.

Congratulations again, Denji and Sabrini . Real love can never go out of style. We hope you enjoy this video.

Photographer & Cinematographer: Aplind Yew Production – Wedding Cinematography & Photography
Makeup Artist: Caryn Lee Make Up Artist
Venue: General Space

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