Chee Yong + Stephanie // Save The Date

Chee Yong + Stephanie // Save The Date

Love story in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The first time we meet Chee Yong and Stephanie, we didn’t guess them for the people that would funny and humour together. He annoys her and she annoys him, but set them apart for a while and they’ll definitely go crazy for missing each other too much. It might be weird to everyone who’s watching, but to them it’s naturally. We love this couple. They’ve got a certain dynamics to them that made us laugh so hard just by watching them. And I had so much fun shooting for their wedding.

Thanks again, for sharing your day with me and especially for the friendship. We pray that their marriage will be even more beautiful.


Photographer & Cinematographer: Aplind Yew Production – Wedding Cinematography & Photography // Chia Hou . Tan . Erin . Wei D
Makeup Artist: Carmen Wen Makeup

Seng // 016-3482161

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