Chee Chung + Lai Wan // Wedding Cinematic Video

Chee Chung + Lai Wan // Wedding Cinematic Video

What we see in Chee Chung and Lai Wan is what we wish to see in every couple. They are the epitome of the real deal, ultra sweet and loving couple. We are not exaggerating because its true. Take a look at these save the date video, this is how Chee Chung get Lai Wan together! do you see how she looks at him? Its how she looks at him every day, with that love and respect you look in her eyes.

And as for Chee Chung, this guy is fully aware of how lucky he is to be with her. So, he doesn’t hesitate to jump at every chance he has to tell her how much he adores her. The best part is that they do these things without even trying as if its all automatic for them.

Every love stories are unique. There is never one quite the same as another. It may seem alike, making you think oh yeah, I had that too! but just as there are no two of the same people, there are never two of the same love story. We learned that love stories don’t even have to be grand or dramatic to be special, it just had to be yours. Don’t compare your story to that of another, own yours. Don’t wish for it to be different, because yours was written by God especially for you. That’s what makes love stories special.

Congratulations again Chee Chung and Chua WanWan! May your days be ever so sweet!

Photographer: Chee Lek Photography
Cinematographer: Aplind Yew Production – Wedding Cinematography & Photography
Make Up Artist: Jeannylynn’s 妮妮新秘

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