Chai Heng + Joslyn // Wedding Actual Day Video

Chai Heng + Joslyn // Wedding Actual Day Video

Wedding Day in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Chai Heng and Joslyn were married during last year in our calendar looked like colorful lego blocks but you know, they didn’t breeze past our memory. They actually stayed! And you know what was the thing that tied us to their special day? Have you seen how fit they are? Yes well, They are great musician, they play music together, work together with their Shiba Inu! We actually remembered thinking that we needed to start lifting heavy things to get to where they are. *Wink*

Congratulations again to Chai Heng and Joslyn. thank you for having us on your special day.

Photographer & Cinematographer: Aplind Yew Production – Wedding Cinematography & Photography | Howen . Mac
Makeup Artist: Henna Chen

Sheng // 016-3482161

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