Bart + Jennifer // Bali Destination Video

Bart + Jennifer // Bali Destination Video

Bart and Jennifer. The most beautiful and funny couple I’ve ever had the privilege to capture on camera. She is gorgeous and so is he. Perth’s power couple tied the knot in the beautiful island of Bali.

Sometimes meet happy people and you can’t help but be happy simply by looking at them? Happiness is contagious, people! And people like Bart and Jen, they can infect you with happiness just by looking at them. They are in love and happiness just seem to radiate from their eyes, their cheeks, their smile, their gestures, that we simply can’t shy away from it.

We had to say that it’s people like Bart and Jennifer that makes us love this job so much. They’re so carefree that they make being in love the best feeling in the world and promising you to one person for the rest of your life a light event.

Bart and Jennifer, it was a privilege to be a part of your beautiful pre-wedding day. We wish you an even more beautiful marriage.

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